The Beginning

The adventure begins when our heroes converge near a gate in the city of Ursona. At that moment a unknown rider comes through the gates slumped over his horse. The unknown rider dies just inside the city walls. A second rider enters Ursona at that time and recounts how they were ambushed by six unknown men. When the odds of the battle turned against them they had fled in hopes of reaching the safety of the city, but only one survived. The second rider, Shydo, then enlists the help of the players to accomplish what he and his lord had set out to do.

The adventurers find a note on Kildrex’s corpse that vaguely outlines his purpose in coming to Ursona. Following clues in the note they find themselves searching an ancient library in the heart of Ursona for an artifact. Locating a hidden passage in the floor of the library, the 4 adventurers wait until the custodian leaves and then enter. The area below the library turns out to be a tomb where the body of Garathor of Irondale was laid to rest. Opening the sarcophagus awakens the ghost of Garathor and the party learns the secret of the hidden artifact. A small yellowish orb, along with 3 other identical orbs, holds the power to unlock a gateway to the Abyss. Garathor bestows the first orb to the party and tells them that they can use it to locate the other three.

With the orb in their possession, the party spends the night in Beau’s home. The following morning they gather supplies before heading out. All is going well until Christian’s greed gets the party into trouble. Unable to afford a scroll of resurection, he attempts to take it unnoticed and fails. Chased by guards they are cornered in an alley and a bloody fight ensues. Christian is ultimately knocked unconscious, but the others manage to take out the guards and they make a hasty escape.


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